How To Make Haircut Cornrows At Home

type=’html’>Cornrows are a popular hairstyle for women, today. They are a functional and fashionable way to wear your hair. If you often workout or wear hats, this will simplify life. Anyone can learn how to make cornrows. It may take a little practice and patience, but you can do this at home. Here are some tips to get you started.

Planning your New Hairstyle

You should have a very good idea as to what you new style will look like. One way is to draw it out into a plan or you may look for examples. There are many good examples in magazines and online.

Applying the Water

Your hair should be damp as opposed to wet. This is easily done with a spray bottle. If you do not have any detangling products, you can mix conditioner with the water. This makes your hair more relaxed and keeps you from pulling too hard on it, as you braid.

Separating the Hair

You will need to select the section of hair that you are starting with. Part the other hair out of the way and secure it with clips. You may wish to make unused hair into a pigtail, temporarily.

Separating and Braiding the Hair

Your section of hair has to be made into three separate strands. Make two stitches with these three strands. For the next stitch, add extra hair to the center strand. This will give you three strands to work with, for each stitch. Adding extra hair keeps the braid close to the head. Remember to make a braid stitch as you work to the end of the hair. Do not forget to add the extra hair, each time.

Keeping Your Work Intact

After you finish a braid, you need to secure it, as this keeps it from unraveling. It is never a good idea to use normal rubber bands on the hair. They will be too tight and can cause damage. There are many good products like beads and clips that will work well.

Final Thoughts

Cornrows are a stylish and practical hairstyle for women. Learning how to make cornrows may take some practice. However, it can easily be mastered with patience and time. Start with damp and not wet hair. Choose a section to work on and make it into three strands. Make two stitches and then take extra hair for the middle strand. Continue until you reach the end of the braid. Secure each braid with a good hair product. Normal rubber bands may damage hair and should not be used.


Hairstyle Cute Girl with 3 Cornrows into Ponytail

This is a braided hairstyle that uses three cornrows (Dutch braids) back into a simple ponytail. The hairdo holds up well for pretty much any activity!

Bo Derek Cornrow Hair And The Rise To Fame


Photo of Bo Derek with her beautiful cornrow hair.
Bo Derek cornrow hair

The Bo Derek cornrow hair look shot to fame in the 1979 movie 10 when women across the world first caught a glimpse of her lying on the beach in her bikini and her cornrow hairstyle. Since then the style has quickly become popular among women and men alike.

Picture of Bo Derek cornrows hairstyle.
Bo Derek cornrow hairstyle with beads

There was something about the way her cornrows accentuated her petite look which had men drooling and women running for the salons. The look was not only interesting but it also gave her a certain sense of individuality.

The cornrow hairstyle first came into being in West Africa and is constructed by plaiting a persons hair very close to his or her scalp. The plaits run from the front of the forehead down to the base of the scalp in neat lines. The rest of the hair is plaited and left to fall around the shoulders.

You can style your own hair this way but it is always a good idea to have it done by a professional first in order to learn how to do it properly. This way you will not have to keep fixing your style up in places where it had come undone or becomes loose.

Cornrows are meant to run in straight lines but they can also be styles a variety of different ways. One of the ways is to have them made into designs along your scalp, especially along the back of your head. This will turn your cornrows into an even more fascinating style.

Image of Bo Derek with her long cornrows hairstyle.
Bo Derek cornrows hairstyle

Finding a salon in which to have the cornrows done is easy, simply call a popular salon in your local area and enquire about the style. Calling ahead will ensure that they will have someone who will be able to style your hair properly and give you tips on maintaining the style.

How Long Hair For Cornrows To Stay In Well

type=’html’>A great look that many love is cornrows. But there is the question of how long does hair need to be for cornrows to stay in effectively. If you have never had them done before, know that they take some time and effort as well as money. To have them fall out right away is frustrating.

Typically a quality shop can get this look on your head as short as an inch long. But you also need to have some curl in your natural mane as well to do this. You can effectively put cornrows in straight locks this short but in most cases they will fall out.

Be prepared to sit while the stylist works on you if you have this short of hair. It takes a skilled stylist to get the job done and you are paying for their time. It is worth paying to get a stylist who knows what they are doing.

If you have a bit longer locks to work with you can expect that your rows will stay in better. This is because there is more of an anchor in your hair. You want to get a quality stylist no matter how long your hair is. Some recommend Caribbean salons as they are excellent and well skilled with this style.

The best length for rows is at least four inches. This is especially true for people with straighter styles naturally. As it grows it can look great for a lengthier period of time, the stylist can get the rows tighter and you will be able to wear them longer.

The look of cornrows is hot. You can have a great summer look or even winter rows that require little upkeep. Visit a stylist to see what they can do for you and trust the recommendations of friends. And make sure you seek out a stylist who knows what they are doing.

Fan Cornrow Hairstyle Trends


Photo of fan shaped cornrow.
Cornrow style that resemble a fan.