Bo Derek Cornrow Hair And The Rise To Fame


Photo of Bo Derek with her beautiful cornrow hair.
Bo Derek cornrow hair

The Bo Derek cornrow hair look shot to fame in the 1979 movie 10 when women across the world first caught a glimpse of her lying on the beach in her bikini and her cornrow hairstyle. Since then the style has quickly become popular among women and men alike.

Picture of Bo Derek cornrows hairstyle.
Bo Derek cornrow hairstyle with beads

There was something about the way her cornrows accentuated her petite look which had men drooling and women running for the salons. The look was not only interesting but it also gave her a certain sense of individuality.

The cornrow hairstyle first came into being in West Africa and is constructed by plaiting a persons hair very close to his or her scalp. The plaits run from the front of the forehead down to the base of the scalp in neat lines. The rest of the hair is plaited and left to fall around the shoulders.

You can style your own hair this way but it is always a good idea to have it done by a professional first in order to learn how to do it properly. This way you will not have to keep fixing your style up in places where it had come undone or becomes loose.

Cornrows are meant to run in straight lines but they can also be styles a variety of different ways. One of the ways is to have them made into designs along your scalp, especially along the back of your head. This will turn your cornrows into an even more fascinating style.

Image of Bo Derek with her long cornrows hairstyle.
Bo Derek cornrows hairstyle

Finding a salon in which to have the cornrows done is easy, simply call a popular salon in your local area and enquire about the style. Calling ahead will ensure that they will have someone who will be able to style your hair properly and give you tips on maintaining the style.


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Fan Cornrow Hairstyle Trends


Photo of fan shaped cornrow.
Cornrow style that resemble a fan.

White Girl Cornrows – Cornrow Photos for White Girls Hairstyle


Photo of white girl cornrows.
White girl cornrows hairstyle.

Hair can be joined together to form lines going either straight behind, or in a certain design, this style is called cornrows. The blacks mainly do this style but white girl cornrows also looks very good. The one thing is they have to be done by an expert.

With soft kind of hair like for a white girl, the lines tend to come out more easily. To ensure the lines last longer they can be done in such a way that the hair held together in a line is not much. This way they will not come off easily and they are better looking.

Cornrows are also useful to someone who does not have long hair and wants to put on a wig, The hair is done is lines before putting on the wig to prevent the wig appearing big. And the hair will definitely be neat inside as the cornrows are normally very neat. To young girls, the cornrows can be made more stylish by doing two separate hives of several lines at the top of the head and decorating them with colorful hair bands. The bands can be of the same color as the dress.

There are many things a white girl can achieve by making cornrows compared to their natural hair. The cornrows do not require attention every morning as one does not need to do anything to the cornrows. When one wants to just lazy around the house, these can be a good hairstyle to wear.

Lose of hair is not much when one has cornrows since there is no hair pulling everyday to ensure they are neat. So the hair gets a deserved rest with this style. The other good thing with cornrows is that your scalp gets refreshed since the lines leave space in between to expose the scalp. This cannot be achieved when the hair is not tied together in lines.

The other thing is that you cannot get many white girls spotting this kind of look. So for someone who wants to set herself aside in terms of hairstyle, this one can do. This hairstyle is very unique, it is not your everyday kind of style, is will surely make you get noticed.

Pictures of Cornrow Hairstyles for White Girls:

Picture of blonde cornrow hair.
Blonde cornrow hair

Photo of long cornrow hairstyle.
Long cornrow hairstyle

Image of decorated blonde cornrow.
Decorated blonde cornrow

Photo of long blonde cornrow hairstyle for girls.
Long blonde cornrow hairstyle for girls

Image of a white girl with long cornrow.
A white girl with long cornrow

Picture of red cornrows hair.
Red cornrows hair

Photo of tied cornrows.
Tied cornrows

White girl with long cornrows hair.
Long cornrow for girls.

Hair Video Tips: How To Do Cornrow Braids

type=’html’>Learn how to braid cornrow in this video:

Tips Cornrow Styles For Women Haircuts

type=’html’>If you are fond of watching hip-hop dancing then you probably noticed a common hairstyle among the dancers especially women. If you are wondering what hairstyle that is then you should know that what you are seeing is the cornrow styles for women. Are you wondering why it is called as such? It is because it is inspired by the corn in rows.

This style originated in Africa and it is popular to the Africans. It became famous worldwide when people from other races started using it as their hairstyle especially when hip-hop became popular and dancers wear the style. Having this type of hairstyle requires some professional hair braiding and because of its popularity nowadays it is not impossible to find hair parlors or salons doing the job.

If you want this type of hair then you should head of to the nearest salons. Look for the best hairstylist who can do it. Before you can have it, you have to select what type of braiding you want. There are three common types of cornrow. You can just select from these types depending on what type of occasion you would want to wear the hairstyle.

  1. If you want to wear it as an everyday hairdo then you can choose the circular cornrows. The braids are thin to medium in size which runs in complex circles. This style requires an expert professional because it is not easy to do.
    Photo of circular cornrow
  2. If you are heading off to some semi-formal to casual parties and you want a cornrow hairdo then you can choose the straight back type. The braids in this style run from front of the head going down to the nape. The braids are medium thick in size and it can be tied in a ponytail at the end or you can just have the braids can continued. This is an elegant type of the cornrow that it why it is perfect in many types of occasions.
    Photo of straight back cornrow
  3. The last common type which is usually seen in women attending formal affairs is the Goddess braids. If you are watching films on Greek gods and goddesses, try to look at the women’s hairstyle and you will see what the Goddess cornrow is. The braids are made thick and can run around the head in different styles while making the scalp more visible. This style is perfect for formal parties and events.
    Photo of Goddess cornrow

Upon choosing what style you want then have it as your hairdo. You can have it as a temporary style or a long-term style. If you want to make it last long then you should know how to take care of it. During bathing time, be sure to shampoo it carefully so that it won’t damage. Be sure to wash up all sides so that dirt and dust won’t accumulate on the braided stands.

Aside from careful shampooing, you can cover you hairdo with cloth before you go to bed. This will help prevent loosing of the braids and damaging the style. When you go out of the house you can add some hair gel to keep it together.

If you had your hair in braids then you should know how to take care of it. There are many procedures on how to care for cornrow styles for women. You can always do your own research or simply ask for tips from hairstylists. You can always check how to maintain the style and how to care for it.

Singular Cornrow


Photo of singular cornrow
A girl with a singular cornrow at the middle of her head.